Do you often feel so confused that you have the impression of never getting out of that situation?

In this book you will find the definitive answers to your questions! How are your thoughts and stress connected?

And how can you get out of it to prevent the negative vortex from taking the wind and getting bigger and bigger?

There is a direct connection with YOUR unconscious MIND and what you feel as confusion.

Challenging it is a difficult process if done independently, given that crises are often difficult to metabolize.

Edisona Kukaj

If you want to never again have to remain a hostage trapped in your life and settle for crumbs of various sizes, read carefully …

Here is the ultimate way that will allow you to take action and free yourself from your own blocks

Before discovering this way it is necessary to take a leap into your past.

Probably since you were a child, you have been brought up to think in shortage.

What does it mean?

Focus your attention on what you DON’T have instead of what you have.

And here you have happened to cry for a lost ball in the woods, without remembering all the other games you had in your backpack.

Then you went to school, where you spent endless hours with your head immersed in books, sitting in the classroom like a prisoner … an attack on your freedom!

But what have you left of all that study?

I tell you.

Just notions, but you haven’t learned the only secret that can help you react when you lose something.

In fact, in life you do not arrive on the “experience” bench with your homework always done and perfect.

And here it may happen that you run into problematic situations, even serious ones, in which you do not know how to react and therefore do not even know how to overcome them.

I’ll give you an example, which concerns what happened to me at the age of 17.

Suddenly a terrible news hits the carefree daily life of a young woman.

My sister, aged 14, was gone and I couldn’t even say goodbye one last time.

My brothers and I found ourselves catapulted into the midst of unbridgeable pain to our detriment.

In addition to the loss of our sister, we found ourselves being neglected by our own parents.

Their only thought was for the daughter who was no longer there, without thinking of the other three who were still alive and in need of comfort.

It is precisely because of this tragedy that I first came across THE LACK PRINCIPLE 

And I realized that this principle was much more widespread than I imagined.

Human beings are inclined to focus their attention on the missing piece of their life, leaving behind what they have.

In short, they see the glass as half empty instead of half full.

This principle leads you to be increasingly dissatisfied and exhausted in order to maintain expectations that are often not yours.

Probably you too every day find yourself preparing your defenses to face “tomorrow” hoping that it will be better than the day you have just lived, but something goes wrong and in the end, as if by magic your days are similar to each other and you always find yourself at the same point.

By dint of living in survival, you necessarily find yourself exhausted and without strength, until …

Something in your mind crashes and you find yourself trapped somewhere.

In spite of myself, I too discovered that I was a victim of chronic dissatisfaction and this state scared me a lot.

But I was so bad that I had to find the strength to rebel and get out of the blockade situation that imprisoned me. The alternative would have been tragic and immediate.

I bravely went against the unknown to discover the secret that imprisons most people in endless limbo.

In my case this discovery has forever upset my existence and saved me in time from a life of only sacrifices.

It is the secret that I have decided to reveal to you knowing very well the drama you face every day.

Your real problem, as mine was, is that they never taught you this principle in school.

You have learned to play, read, write, color, study, work but they have never taught you how the principle of lack works.

Yet even if you don’t notice it, it has always been in your life and is the worst virus you can get infected with.

Your existence will remain affected until you decide to take the right vaccine.

Otherwise you can always stay where you are by firmly embracing your survival.

But know that everything you don’t control, controls you at will.

The good news is that everything can be in your hands and you can change your fate right away, if you decide to take a couple of hours to read this book.

Here’s what you will learn:

How does the lack principle affect your decisions

How to recognize and strengthen your strengths by finding your way

How to be happier by taking on more responsibility in your life

What factors can affect your results

How to escape from the lack

And so much more!

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